Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why Windows 8 is the best for IT Pros?

What is my daily round?

  1. I am a consultant and have to make demos and presentations every week as well as to work on projects
  2. I have to run multiple virtual machines, most of them x64 based
  3. All VMs have to run on Hyper-V (I am working at Microsoft), I have many preinstalled VMs/vhd
  4. I need also client experience
    1. Working on laptop I want relevant power management
    2. Using of WiFi network as connectivity for my VMs
    3. The computer has to be domain joined


Where was the issue with Windows 7 (Enterprise)

  1. There was not an option to run x64 bit Hyper-V VMs on Windows 7
  2. I configured my laptop for dual boot with Windows Server 2008 R2 and Hyper-V role enabled – disadvantages:
    1. Often I have to switch (reboot) between Windows 7 and Server
    2. No sleep function on Windows server
    3. Could not use the WiFi network as external network for Hyper-V


A real business case

Waiting for boarding on Zagreb’s airport I was writing a project document on my Windows 7 PC. I had to add a screenshot of tool for SharePoint 2010 (console app) which I developed during the build phase. Options:

  • To reboot the laptop, run in server mode, start a VM, snap the tool and reboot back to 7 – Wow, awfully!
  • To send the app (.exe) to friend, ask him to run the tool, to make a screen shot and return it back via E-mail – sounds better, right?

I choose the 2nd option!


Now, the solution!



Finally I am happy, Windows 8 is exactly what I want!

  • My Hyper-V VMs work with no need of dual boot!
  • I can use the wireless link in virtual network – could have a real working environment everywhere
  • Could use dynamic memory and assign up to 8 virtual processors per VM (I have quad core Intel i7 with HT)
  • Even on PC sleep, when a VM is powered on, it comes back again on wake up
  • I can use all my other tools and apps when I work on VM, perfect!




Do not wait to improve your life, do it now! Smile

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