Saturday, June 13, 2009

Resolve Problems During Installation of VSeWSS 1.3 CTP

I had the following screen error when I tried to install Visual Studio extensions for Windows Sharepoint Services v1.3 CTP (March 2009)

Please wait while installer finishes determining your disk space requirements


The system was Windows Server 2008. I made preliminary configuration, according requirements, namely I created a local user account “vsewss”, with local administrator privileges as well as new application pool “VSeWSS” with Managed Pipeline Mode “Classic” and with service account “vsewss”.

After installation failure, I removed my application pool and created new one - “vsdev” with the same settings and started the setup again


The result was better


Obviously, the problem was in the name of my application pool. I left the default and finished the installation. After that, I changed the application pool for new created site “VSeWSS” with “spdev”.


Finally, I tried to deploy a solution with Visual studio and the result was:


The last thing, which was necessary here, was to add the user “vsewss” to Site Collection Administrators of the site, where I wanted to deploy my solution!

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  1. The disk space requirement error appears to be an issue with Microsoft Installer. It's intermittent but there's a way to resolve it here: